Welcome to Diyanah Islamic Financial Services (Pvt.) Limited which has the unique distinction of being the Pakistan’s first Islamic stock brokerage house, a pioneering institution that has combined the best of traditional Islamic values with the technology and innovation that characterize the modern way of trading. Our core emphasis to promote Riba free trading in Stock Exchange which is not only HALAL but also give a handsome amount of profits to our clients.


We are the pioneers of Shariah Compliant Equity Market Services in Pakistan and offer comprehensive products for the national Equity Markets. Core activity of Diyanah Islamic Financial Services (DIFS) is equity trading and Investment. DIFS has its main office in Karachi near Karachi Stock Exchange and sub office in Islamabad.


Diyanah Islamic Financial Services, a Corporate Broker of Islamabad Stock Exchange, has advance technological setups for its corporate and individual clients both. DIFS is fully committed to excellence and customized professional services to its all clients. We completely believe that the transparency of mechanism is an integral part of financial services.


Our products not only fulfill the aspect of the modern market but also fulfill the Shariah approved rules & regulations. We at DIFS offer professional Shariah Compliant brokerage services, both financial and technical, to all investors looking for value added brokerage services to invest in the Stock Exchange according to the principles of Shariah.


Our research team provide awareness programs on regular basis to our clients including shariah rules & regulation about the Stock Exchange, Shariah approved list of companies (shariah compliant shares), Shariah rules about the investments and shariah guidelines about the trading and leverage transactions. Join us on Facebook @ Diyanah Islamic Financial Services, or email us at [email protected] for more information.