About Company

Diyanah Islamic Financial Services (Private) Limited (DIFS) is Pakistan’s Premier Islamic Brokerage Company and a Corporate Member of Islamabad Stock Exchange.


The ideology was initiated by our Chairman Mr. Khalid Waheed in 2007, when we started working on the concept of Shariah Compliant Equity Investment with the collaboration of different Shariah Scholars. After prolonged efforts of getting acceptance from the Shariah Scholars, we established an Islamic window in ‘Hum Securities (Private) Limited’ under the name of ‘Hum Islamic Brokerage Services (HIBS)’ on the 1st of Ramadan 2010. But as per recommendations, of different Shariah Scholars and Advisors, we formed a separate Shariah Based Brokerage Company namely, Diyanah Islamic Financial Services (Private) Limited (DIFS).


DIFS was officially launched on 23rd May, 2012, in a ceremony held at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi which was attended by prominent Shariah Scholars and heads of the regulatory bodies of money markets of Pakistan.


We at DIFS offer professional Shariah Compliant brokerage services, both financial and technical, to all investors looking for value added brokerage services to invest in the Stock Market according to the principles of Shariah.