A Word From Our Shariah Advisor


Alhamdulillah, nowadays Muslims are very keen to invest in Shariah compliant avenues or to convert and operate their business according to Shariah principles.

Despite the current financial crises which has the whole world in its grip, the rapid growth in Islamic Financial Institutions show how Islamic Financial System is effective and essential to overcome all of these issues. According to general observation, appropriate portion of the investment across the world is invested in Stock Markets but usually it involves leverage, speculation and gambling in many of the trading activities, which is not permissible in Islam and foremost it is Haram.

Almighty Allah has provided an opportunity to the management of Diyanah Islamic Financial Services (Pvt.) Limited to establish a complete Shariah Compliant Brokerage Company where one can utilize opportunities to invest according to Shariah.

As a Shariah advisor, I have been associated, since the beginning, with the establishment of the company in all aspects related to Shariah. I was able to accomplish this task with the guidance and support of my mother institution Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi and other Shariah Scholars. In the future, I will continue to look after all the concerning matters and Shariah audit of the company.

I hope and pray to Almighty Allah, to give success and growth to the company in its aims and ideology and to create better opportunities for those who seek Halal profits.

Muhammad Zakaria Iqbal
Ustaad at Jamia Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi
Faculty Member Center of Islamic Economics