Aqd-e-Murabaha (Islamic Shares Financing)

In Shares Murabaha contract, client could participate as a financier or financee for buying of shares for a specified time period following the Shariah rules.



All the clients of Diyanah Islamic Financial Services (DIFS) are eligible for Murabaha who have account (cash and dedicated for Murabaha only) value of PKR 500,000 or above can become a financier and who has collateral value of PKR 100,000 or above can become a Financee.



  • Only Shariah compliant scripts are available for Murabaha and Non-compliant scripts are not acceptable as margin custody.
  • Right Shares and IPO’s will not be available for Murabaha facility and Intra-day transactions are also not allowed.


How it Works

The buyer who fulfills all the requirements mentioned above can place their order by their nominated wakeel (other than DIFS or its employees) with amount required, and number of days for which he / she requires the Murabaha facility for which 100% exposure is required against the value of buying shares.


  • Minimum Murabaha contract will be of three months for Financier and Minimum Murabaha maturity date for financee will be of 7 days with the Company.
  • A Wakeel will be appointed by the buyer (Financee) on his own or by company’s recommendation (other than company employee) to fulfill the Murabaha obligations.
  • As per request of Wakeel of the Buyer, shares will be purchased by the Mudarib (DIFS) via merchandiser.
  • On behalf of the financier, DIFS will offer to sell these shares to the buyer by adding profits and direct expenses.
  • The Buyer is bound to purchase the shares from Mudarib.
  • Buyer’s Shares custody will be parked in the financier’s CDC sub account as a security deposit till the payment, due on maturity date.
  • On the written request of Buyer’s Wakeel, shares bought in Murabaha agreement will be parked in CDC account of the Company (DIFS) as a security till the maturity date.
  • Buyer and his / her Wakeel is bound to pay the Murabaha amount within due time. In case of Buyer’s expiry / absence, his / her nominee is bound to accept the contract.
  • At the end of maturity date Buyer is bound to payback the Murabaha amount, whether he / she shall have to sell his shares in profit or loss.
  • In case of early payment rebate will not be the right of financee.
  • Buyer cannot carry forward or rollover his / her position at the end of the maturity of the contract, because buy back agreement is prohibited in sale transaction, for this purpose he / she must pay the amount on the last day of maturity and could enter into a new contract for further required days.


DIFS will provide you all the confirmation and services through Telephone, SMS, Email and Web updates regarding market situation and account status.